Quilts for all!

Eleventh House offers a range of options for avid quilters, attempted quilters who just can’t anymore or non-sewers who really want a quilt.

Peruse below to find the best match for your project.


Longarm Quilting

Quilting is done on a HandiQuilter longarm machine. Designs can be edge-to-edge computer-guided patterns or custom hand-guided quilting.

Prices are calculated by the square inch and include batting, thread and return shipping. Extra finishing services are additional costs.

Quilt Finishing

A range of services that transform the abandoned quilt top, the box of cut-out quilt pieces or the half-finished quilt project inherited from grandma’s attic into full-fledged quilts. Quilts are much more enjoyable when they can be on display and used.

Prices are calculated on a project-to-project basis, depending on the amount of finishing needed.

Information coming soon!

Custom Quilts

A start-to-finish quilt. These projects can be anything from a t-shirt or memory quilt, a custom design or an idea inspired by something drawn on a napkin. All parts of the process are done in-house and the final result is a finished quilt.

Prices are calculated on materials involved and the complexity of the project.

Information coming soon!