Longarm Quilting Services 

How To

  • Read through the info below

  • Pick out your edge-to-edge design here

  • Fill out booking form

  • Check your email for price estimate

  • Approve your estimate

  • Send your quilt!

Edge-to-edge Design

$0.03 / square inch - thread, batting and return shipping included in price

Custom Design

$0.06 / square inch - thread, batting and return shipping included in price

Edge-to-edge is a computer-guided design that repeats itself across the width and length of your quilt.

Click here to look at available designs. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can search through the Urban Elementz site. Make note of your design choice. You’ll need it when you fill out the booking form.

Custom designs are hand guided and are developed to enhance your unique quilt top. They can be an all-over custom design or can enhance the individual elements of your quilt, like borders and blocks. A custom design will be suggested based on the design of your quilt top. If you have an idea in mind, mention it in the notes section of the booking form. No work will begin on your quilt until you are happy and excited about the design direction.

Both square-inch prices include the quilting thread, the batting and return shipping. You will also receive a photograph of your quilt when the quilting is finished. Please credit quilting and photography by Eleventh House if posting the picture publicly. The picture is not a professional photo, but it will be a well-lit photo showcasing the final quilting design.

To calculate the cost of the quilting, multiply the length x width, then multiply the total by either $0.03 or $0.06. Example: 70” x 90” = 6300 x 0.03 = $189



Quilting thread is from Superior Threads and is available in cotton thread (solid colors) or polyester thread (solid and variegated colors).

You can choose from:

  • light-value thread

  • medium-value thread

  • dark-value thread

Eleventh House will select a color in your value choice that blends well with your quilt top. If you have a specific color in mind, you can leave it in the note section of the booking form.


All batting in stock is from Quilter’s Dream Batting. It is high-quality batting and provides a high-quality finish for your quilts.

You can choose from:

  • 100% cotton

  • 80% cotton / 20% polyester blend

  • 100% polyester

  • 100% wool

Cotton shrinks up a bit and gives your quilt that crinkled look. Polyester and wool will have minimal to no shrinkage. All battings can be machine washed and dried.


Additional Services

Binding - $0.35 / linear inch Example: quilt size 70” x 90” 70+70+90+90 = 320 x 0.35 = $112

Binding is double-fold binding and is made from fabric you include. It is attached to the front by machine and then hand sewn to the back.

Prepare backing - $35

Backing seams are sewn together from fabric you include. There should be enough fabric to make a backing that is 3” - 4” bigger than the quilt top on each side. Example quilt size 70” x 90”: backing should measure at least 76” x 96”

Rush Fee - $65

Quilts are quilted in the order they are received. The rush fee will put your quilt next in line, once it is received at the studio.



If you live in the Denver area, you are welcome to drop off and pick up your quilt at the studio.

Shipping to Eleventh House:

Ship to the studio in Denver, CO. You are responsible for the shipping cost of getting it to the studio. You will be sent a confirmation via email or text when your quilt has been received. It is recommended that you put your quilt top, backing and binding (if applicable) in plastic inside your shipping container to protect it from any possible moisture in transit.

Return Shipping:

Eleventh House will ship your quilt back to you via USPS Priority Mail. The cost of return shipping is included in the quilting price. You will receive a tracking number to monitor your quilt’s progress home.



When your quilt is ready to be shipped back to you, you will receive an invoice via email. Payments are securely processed through Square. Once the invoice has been paid, your quilt will be shipped back to you.